10 Reasons to Host a Company Offsite in 2022

Our 10 reasons why

Here at The Event Book, we think that company off-sites are really beneficial for businesses and their employees, especially after the past 2 years everyone’s faced! So her are 10 reasons why you should have a company offsite:

  • It shows that your business cares, companies that go the extra mile for their employees are often highlighted and noticed by not only their employees, but externals from the company.
  • It gets all of your staff in the same room, for the past two years we have all been socialising over screens but having all of your employees in the same room has so many more benefits than meeting online. It’s easier, more convenient and the social interaction is amazing! Which takes me to my next point…
  • By having everyone in the same room, it means that everyone can finally meet people in person, which some members of staff have never done before! Meeting on Zoom or Teams is completely different to meeting in person, it’s more personable and can benefit the team in so many different ways. 

  • Through doing these meetings, it means that everyone can learn each others working styles and their strengths and weaknesses, which is important in a team. This means that you can learn how to work together more efficiently, as well as learning when to help each other out.
  • Another benefit of being in the same room is staff sharing their best practises for working from home… or frustrations for that matter! Sharing tips for what works at home fo them, might inspire their colleagues on how they could be more efficient when working from home.

  • Company off-sites do not only get your staff to know each other better in a professional aspect during the daytime meetings, but they also get to know each other on a personal level during the evening activities or any team bonding activities that you may organise. This will help to create a better working environment when your staff are more comfortable around each other.
  • For the employees, company offsites feel like a reward, making your staff feel more valued as they receive recognition from all of their hard work for the company. This is even more important now than ever, as the past two years have been so difficult for all
  • Feeling valued is a big part of pride for working for a business, it means that you are more likely to retain staff as they have high satisfaction.
  • Our favourite reason for company offsites is to celebrate surviving a global pandemic, not only for your staff making it through but your team and company as a whole!
  • As everyone is staying in the same place, company offsites are relatively Covid safe. In particular venues, you wouldn’t share spaces with other people, and don’t have to travel to get from rooms, to meeting spaces to activity spaces.

We have listed below some of our favourite off-site venues, if you’re interested in hosting your company off-site at any of these venues, please do contact us at events@theeventbook.uk

Chewton Glen

Devere Beaumont Estate 

Luton Hoo 

PennyHil Park

Sopwell House

Alexandra House Hotel