Hosting a virtual event can be a challenging endeavour for a lot of us, but we are well aware that virtual and hybrid events are here to stay due to the global pandemic. That makes it a very important skill for eventprofs to master, especially if you want to keep attendees engaged and motivated.
Virtual engagement in fact has been one of eventprofs’ biggest struggles throughout this transition, so it’s essential to keep things fresh and exciting to distinguish virtual events from basic webinars and keep attendees interested.
Here are The Event Book TOP ideas for virtual and Hybrid events to take inspiration from when planning your next online event.

Online Murder Mystery
A digital take on the classic murder mystery dinner party, where guests attend as different characters and must work to reveal the murderer among them. This activity is not only a fun game, but it also forces players to work together, so it can be ideal for team building. Some murder mysteries plots can even take place over several months, which can be a great way to keep employees connected during long stretches of remote work.
When it comes to planning and running this type of event, it can get quite complex, but that’s what we’re here for – let the Event Book run your fun virtual murder mystery event and help you throughout the whole process from planning to execution.

Cook along or Cocktail Master Class
Virtual cooking or cocktail classes are fun options for any social or team building event. All you need to do is let us introduce you to a fabulous chef or mixologist that is going to host your event, and have everyone join in from the comfort of their kitchens. Since the pandemic hit, people can’t go out and socialize like they used to, so this is a great way to bring the fun to your clients and teams houses. By providing a cooking or mixology class, you can give attendees much-needed social contact while allowing them to learn some new skills. Consider sending kits in advance so that participants will have everything they need for the class, or at the very least, provide a list of ingredients for them to prepare.

Pose Party – posing game
Perfect for virtual events, team building activities and icebreakers – It’s played on phones or tablets with no need of an app download. A gallery is then created of the entries as a fun souvenir of the game. Our friends at Photobot.Co have created a game for distanced events where up to 400 players compete against each other to pull the best poses. Pose Party is a wildly funny, competitive posing game, very engaging and perfect for virtual activities. Contact us to know more about Pose Party.

Virtual Quiz Night
Trivia is a quintessential game night option, and it’s relatively easy to do online. A little healthy competition is always fun, and people love showing off their random knowledge. Here at The Event Book we are masters when it comes to quizzes, from our renowned Lockdown Fizz & Quiz club, to our super fun Quizzmas quiz, you will just need to give us a theme and divide the participants in teams, and that is it!! Leave the rest in our hands. Our quizzes are fully customisable and easy to use and can be organized as a stand-alone event or as part of a larger event – as an icebreaker or as a fun way to end your conference.

Social Media Challenge
Social media challenges, especially on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, can be incredibly effective when it comes to fundraising and building awareness. Most importantly, they can be done virtually. Think of a fun challenge that you can encourage supporters to take part in and share with others, similar to the ice bucket challenge that went viral and raised money for ALS. Younger audiences spend a lot of time on social channels and love participating in challenges that they can do or share with their friends. Leverage this to get the word out about your cause. Make sure you have a clear donation page to direct people to and establish a dedicated hashtag.

Virtual Gala
Galas are another common fundraising idea, and they can still work as virtual events. Invite guests to join for remarks from your organization and a keynote presentation while sharing a meal (virtually). This is a welcome excuse for attendees to get dressed up, even if they’re not leaving the house, and contribute to your cause.
If possible, try to deliver a treat or a bottle of wine to attendees beforehand for them to enjoy during the event. And if you want to go all in, why not having our amazing award dinner package from our Virtual Events 2021 offering – a 3 course delicious fine dining menu with drinks and entertainment included. You can also hold activities online that you normally would at your gala, such as virtual auctions or raffles.

Video Game Challenge
Host an online video game tournament with an entry fee and split the pot with the winner. Video games are at the centre of a billion-dollar industry — there are even some colleges that are creating eSports teams. Casual and hardcore gamers with disposable, video game-buying incomes are a largely under-tapped charitable giving market. Since video games inherently take place online, they’re perfect to leverage for a virtual fundraiser. Use a game that fits your audience or ask people or sponsors to provide others to play.

The Event book is very much looking forward to 2021 and all the different ways we will keep attendees engaged and motivated while hosting hybrid and virtual events. Our team has adapted over the last few months to offer our clients a bespoke virtual events offering. We have years of events planning experience in the industry, so you can be sure your event brief is in safe hands. We are working with our clients on a range of platforms for deliver hybrid and virtual events, from exhibitions and conferences, to cook-alongs, and gin tastings to just simply getting the team all in one virtual room.

From large conference and exhibition for up to 3,000 delegates to Christmas parties for 100 guests, to the more inmate private dining experiences for 10 guests we would love to create the perfect online event for you and make your guests feel welcome and at ease. We have perfected our unique virtual events package offer to present to our clients.
Our packages suit all event styles, from meetings and conference business, to fun and interactive team building activities, to networking and exhibition events with sponsorships.
We have put together a selection of packages that are going to be launching in January 2021. Here explore our packages and also some ideas that will enhance your meeting or event. 

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Jump start January – with our Kick-off virtual conferences packages

Let’s pretend it was two years ago and Covid didn’t exist. Remember those times when you would grab a coffee and go along to your kick off meeting, and maybe be offered a slice of yummy cake whilst chatting to your colleagues. We miss it a lot!
We tried to replicate those same feeling bringing to you the perfect virtual solution .

Our package includes:
• a 1-3 hour online experience on our unique banqueting software
• A hamper sent to your clients containing luxury coffee, cake, a beautiful mug, note pad and pen and everything you need for an engaging online meeting.

The conference Coffee/Tea Club package start from £40.00

Stay tuned for our full 2021 Virtual Conference Offering!

… and if you’re already thinking about your company events for next year, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for a chat on solutions tailormade just for you!