The hottest activity bars in town!

We’re so glad that activity bars have come back with a bang! They are so much fun and bring a whole new experience for you and your friends!

Clays Bar, Moorgate

Clays Bar is a brand new must-do VR clay pigeon shooting experience! 

This 4K interactive experience is the perfect team bonding experience for your team, no matter the size of the group. The state of the art technology projects your targets onto a large screen, so your team can compete against each other at the same time. 

The team can play different styles of clay pigeon shooting, from an old-school clay capping action to a peloton bike style race. The range of different games means that halfway through the night your team can switch it up and keep the night interesting and competitive! 

With food and drink on hand in your area, you’re sure to have a great night. 

Bounce, Farringdon and Old Street

Bounce has become a fan favorite of ours as a timeless venue with it giving a cool and quirky vibe, but still old school. Bounce has loads of options for you and your team, from classic beer pong and table tennis to more high tech experiences using projections and touch screens to score competitors. 

For those who don’t want the night to end, there’s the option to book private karaoke rooms! The UV explosions all over the walls creates a fun futuristic effect, almost as if you’re in the movie Tron.

Bounce has something for everyone, be it old school ping pong, to high tech competitions, to karaoke. 

Electric Shuffle, London Bridge or Canary Wharf

Become a master of shuffleboard with Electric Shuffles fun, modern take on the traditional game. This immersive activity will see the whole team battle against each other to win! With venues in both Central London and The City, there are different options depending on where your offices are. 

Let this experience transport you and the team into the 70’s, with old control panels and neon lighting throughout. However, the technology is far better than that of the 70’s, with touch screens and sensors to know your score! 

With great food and drinks, this activity bar is great for groups of all sizes. 

Hijngo, Shoreditch

Hijingo uses a futuristic, multi-sensory take on the classic game bingo to create a night time utopia. Using LED lighting and surround sound, Hijingo create a tense atmosphere and a high energy game, drawing in every player. 

The game comes to life through videos and graphics surrounding the bingo players and immersing them within the game. Their futuristic-techno theme coincides with their delicious Asian menu and killer cocktails to create the ultimate high tech and high adrenaline bingo experience for your team! 

Puttshack, Bank and White City

We’re all used to crazy golf, but Puttshack takes crazy golf to a new level! With interactive and high-tech courses, they put a new spin on the traditional crazy golf. There are two different courses in each venue, that have different challenges, such as bouncing along a line of drums, or spinning a wheel for a prize. 

At the beginning of each course, a player is assigned their own ball, so the system knows who is playing, how many hits they’ve done and their score which follows the group along the course. This means that everyone has a fair game and can relax as score-keeping is no longer a responsibility! 

We love the enhancements Puttshack has made to the classic game and how great it can be for groups of all sizes!