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With recent government guidelines that face coverings are to become compulsory for people using public transport in England from Monday 15 June and that all hospital visitors and outpatients will have to wear face covering with all staff to wear surgical masks at all times in all areas, the importance and benefit of face masks alongside social distancing measures seems clear and apparent, that this will be the “new normal” and evolve into our everyday life and social events. 

Here at The Event Book as your little black book of everything events for corporate event professionals, agencies and venues alike, we wanted to share with you our insights and connections when sourcing vital PPE equipment for you teams through the coming weeks and months, as it can be a minefield knowing where to even start. 


As we head towards what will become the new normal and the easing of lockdown takes full effect, the use of Personal Protective Equipment will become prevalent, more important in everyday life and an essential toolkit for employers and an integral part of their health and safety protocols for their staff, clients and stakeholders.

With safety paramount and at the heart of business thinking, it appears risk assessments will be more detailed with precaution and prevention a key focus at all venues.

The qualification and importance of relevant PPE in the workplace specific to workstreams and venue/ business type will be important and the one size-fits all approach offering some food for thought and insight will not be specific enough for holistic coverage for your clients and workforce. 

A rooftop venue with an open-air space will have very different requirements to a windowless function room or bowling alley/ indoor golf and leisure space.

Covid 19 has brought to life how we as businesses and event professionals need to be better prepared to cover unforeseen circumstances and challenges in our risk assessments and safety measures for our clients, venues and staff as well as being pro-active in our approach to safety measures and business continuity planning and risk management.

How do we determine what is a value contributor and complimentary to safety protocols versus what could be deemed as an overkill so to speak. Full scale kit, goggles and gowns that will make going to work dressing for a Halloween or themed fancy dress Party versus what could be just as effective with protective face masks when in close proximity and adherence to social distancing!

Adaptability is key in this industry and we have to adapt as times change. Events are all about experiences and people will always want real and themed experiences which create memories as we all do. I personally do not think that gone are the days of the themed experience or elaborate Christmas party.

[Not so long ago smoking was normal in restaurants, bars, hotels, planes and public places. At that time when the smoking ban came in many thought this would spell the end of business and hit the bottom line. Looking back it was a necessary change that was not all the doom and gloom we thought it would be and life and business continued to progress develop and move forward.]

There will be some adapting and creative thinking to make these events and experiences safe for all and we will all need to enter new chapters with openness, positivity and optimism as we start to re-build and implement for the future. We are an industry of thought leaders, creative minds that think out of the box that will definitely make this work and I for one really optimistic as we build for a safer future.

One way that will definitely help us along the way and will be complimentary is through the use of PPE.


Get your PPE supplies

We are working with a great company that is a specialist provider of PPE material based in the UK. They are direct importers offering competitive pricing and have been working with the COVID 19 effort and helping to supply NHS Trusts to meet the critical need at this time.

For further details please get in contact with either our friendly team here at the Event Book or directly with our friends over at Optimal PPE.

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