Since 2020 virtual events have become the go-to platform for daily meetings, conferences and events. The Event Book has explored virtual platforms to identify the most creative and engaging systems to allow for guests and clients to experience a VIP and inclusive event, be it an online meeting, conference, workshop or party.
Our aim is to deliver your event goals in an engaging, inspiring and genuine way
Our experienced team works with leading brands to create meaningful virtual event experiences. With our attention to detail and extensive supplier knowledge, your virtual event won’t disappoint. By adding a little creative twist we will deliver a memorable experience that goes some way to reflect the feeling of an in-person event.
We offer complete package solutions, including the virtual event platform, gift boxes and a whole range of entertainment activities, so you can effectively budget and book your event with ease. Whether it’s a conference, team building, networking or an awards dinner we have an option for you.
We believe that bringing people together virtually is an art. When certain senses are taken away it is The Event Book’s role to make the other senses stand out and we do this through virtual events

How do hybrid events work?

Not sure whether to plan an online or face-to-face get together? 

Hybrid events combine a live or in-person event with a virtual or online component. 

It’s the best of both worlds and could seriously boost attendance

Hybrid events also provide several marketing and sponsor opportunities, 

such as named tables, branding, high quality live content creation 

or valued data from your audience.

Types of virtual and hybrid events?