An Unforgettable Adventure: Exploring Grenoble with Break The Ice MICE Forum

By The Event Book on July 17th, 2023

Thanks to the meticulous planning of the hosts, every aspect of the trip to Grenoble with Break The Ice MICE Forum was seamless and filled with excitement. As we arrived at the Rocky Pop hotel for check-in, we were immediately greeted by a captivating arcade-themed space, complete with foosball, table tennis, and old-school arcade games. It was the perfect setting to kickstart our unforgettable journey.

After freshening up, we gathered for a drinks reception, where we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and get to know one another. The lively atmosphere paved the way for an enjoyable dinner, breaking the ice and setting the stage for the exciting adventures that awaited us.

With an action-packed itinerary ahead, an early start was in order. The morning was dedicated to a unique experience I fondly refer to as “speed dating” with suppliers. We met with hotels, coach and AV companies, as well as travel bureaus, engaging in fast-paced, 10-minute pitches to explore potential partnerships and ways to enhance our services.

Once the productive meetings concluded, it was time for the real fun to begin. We were presented with three exhilarating activity options: Canyoning, Caving, and liquor tasting. Growing up surrounded by the majestic mountains of Vancouver, I couldn’t resist the allure of canyoning. It turned out to be a thrilling experience for everyone, involving cliff jumping, rappelling, and zip lining down a river. The beauty of nature in Grenoble was a refreshing change from the urban landscape of London. After safely returning to the Rocky Pop hotel, we took a moment to freshen up and prepare for our grand finale in Grenoble.

As the day drew to a close, we eagerly anticipated the highlight of our trip—a dinner party in a remote mountain location, just a short drive from the city centre. Upon arrival, we were treated to a mouthwatering three-course dinner. The vibrant atmosphere continued with a DJ, dance floor, and a captivating photoshoot room brimming with whimsical costumes and props, ranging from Santa Claus outfits to executioner masks. Laughter and camaraderie filled the air as we created lasting memories together.

The following morning brought mixed emotions as we prepared to head back home. While I was happy to be returning home, saying goodbye to the newfound friends I had made was bittersweet. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Break The Ice Forum for not only expanding my network of contacts but also providing an opportunity for meaningful bonds to form through the unforgettable FAM trips they organise.

Grenoble will forever hold a special place in my heart, thanks to the seamless organisation, engaging activities, and incredible people I had the privilege to meet during this extraordinary adventure.

Why your next incentive trip should be in Grenoble

Proximity to Nature

Grenoble’s award as European Green Capital 2022 came as no surprise thanks to the environmental and societal initiatives in place, as well as its extraordinary natural environment. The Chartreuse, Belledonne, Oisans, Trèves and Vercors mountains together form a region with a thousand faces, the perfect place for contemplation and discovery.

Outdoor Activities

Whether you’re looking for some fun or to push your limits, Grenoble is a fantastic playground for sports fans. In summer or in winter, in the city or in the mountains, all sports are possible and can all be accessed using public transport. Grenoble Alpes is a land of hiking, skiing, canyoning and MTB. It is also a land of excellence and a favourite for champions, such as the ice hockey team, the Brûleurs de Loups, and the Olympic rowing champion Laura Tarantola.


Welcome all foodies! Grenoble has so much to offer for those looking for new flavours. Ranging from cosmopolitan to traditional, diverse types of cuisine are showcased in the restaurants of Grenoble. A whole culinary heritage awaits you, including Noix (nuts), Chartreuse liquor, the Gratin Dauphinois and the Bleu de Vercors-Sassenage!

A Rich History to Explore

From Gallo-Roman times to European Green Capital 2022, Grenoble has a captivating story to tell, filled with fascinating people and anecdotes.

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