Terms and Conditions


To register your event venue on to The Event Book website is absolutely free and there are no joining or annual membership fees currently. Should this change we will notify you via email.  Your event venue will only go live on our website if the relevant Agreement box has been ticked on the on-line registration. Registration is at the discretion of The Event Book and The Event Book retains the right to alter or amend entries or decline applications in line with editorial guidelines.

New Customer introductions

Our effective introduction is made when we pass the details of an event venue to the customer. This introduction is confirmed by way of the The Event Book email confirmation. In certain circumstances, it may not be possible to confirm our introduction by email. When an email confirmation cannot be made due to timing purposes or it being misplaced, an effective introduction has still have been made by The Event Book receipt of the email introduction is a confirmation only and not a qualification that an effective introduction has been made. All enquiries emailed to event venues also appear in the private section of your event venue Customer management section on our website.

New Customer rejection

It is assumed that the event venue acknowledges and accepts a new The Event Book customer on receipt of our email introduction unless the email is returned to The Event Book within forty-eight hours, stating when the enquiry had been received and by which source. This will avoid any misunderstanding. If a rejection email is not received, then the commission, if due, will be payable to The Event Book

New Customer confirmation

It is the responsibility of the event venue to provide The Event Book with the customer‘s details (event date, price and company and event booker’s names) when a customer signs an agreement, within 48 hours of receiving signed documentation.

Privacy policy

It is understood that any customer introduced to you by The Event Book is strictly for your use only. Your venue can only use the user/customer’s information in relation to offering event venue services. It cannot be passed on to a third party, such as to a third party agent/broker or another event venue, without the prior approval of The Event Book. The relationships between all parties must be agreed upon by The Event Book before the customer’s details are passed on. If the customer is referred to a third party, The Event Book commission is still the responsibility of the event venue that the customer was originally sent to.

Referral Fees structure

When a The Event Book customer that we have introduced (via email, or telephone or through a 3rd party), contracts venue or event services at your event venue (to include any Group or affiliated venues as a result of our introduction), it is the responsibility of the event venue to advise The Event Book in writing by email the date(s), contracted venue/event price to include catering (whether contracted with an internal or external supplier), and any ancillary services booked through the venue (i.e. event production and entertainment) at which time our referral fees become payable. Our referral fees are 10% of the total price as defined above. If a customer contracts a further booking with your venue within the first 12 months, TEB is entitled to commissions on any further bookings that are contracted within 12 months of the first event date, irrespective of whether The Event Book were involved in the renewal negotiations. The Event Book reserves the right to accept higher commission than 10% in the event that any event venues run such promotions.

Payment – Settlement of invoices are due within 30 days of the event date, The Event Book reserve the right to charge 2% per month, or part thereof above Bank of England base rate for overdue accounts.

Change of Ownership

In the event that an event venue (or an entire group or part of a group of event venues) is sold, it is the responsibility of the selling event venue (vendor) to advise The Event Book in writing and to ensure the new owners are aware of all future referral fee obligations to The Event Book and that they will be honoured. Should this not happen, then the remaining commission payments will be the responsibility of the original owners (vendor).

Overturn rule

Regardless of which referrer or agency sends an enquiry first, the enquiry should be overturned to the referrer who subsequently books a viewing first. Should that convert to a sale, the referrer who arranges a successful tour (i.e. a completed tour, which means the Customer actually attends the tour) should be credited with the commission. If the event venue arranges the tour, and not the referring agency, then the “first past the post” rule still applies i.e. the referrer that sent the enquiry first, is credited for the deal. This will also apply in the event that an overturned customer is a no-show i.e. does not attend the tour.

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