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Christmas is one of The Event Book’s busiest times of the year and we love it! The festive season
is always a magical time. Throwing incredible Christmas parties is a fantastic way to celebrate
your teams’ successes and reward them for all their hard work throughout the year. We work on a bespoke basis so here is a flavour of some of of most popular event spaces, we work globally so if you do not see what your looking for simply give us a call on drop us an event enquiry on the below enquiry form.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

How can The Event Book help you plan your christmas parties this year?

We have an extensive Venue Network: The Event Book has established connections and partnerships with various venues in London. They can leverage their network to provide you with a wide range of venue options suitable for your Christmas party.


Venue Research and Selection: Our agency can conduct thorough research based on your requirements, preferences, and budget. They can present you with a curated list of venues that align with your vision for the Christmas party, taking into account factors such as location, capacity, amenities, and ambiance.


Negotiation and Contract Management: The Event Book can handle negotiations with venues on your behalf, aiming to secure the best possible rates and terms. They have experience in contract management and can ensure that all the necessary details and arrangements are included in the agreement.


Venue Site Visits and Recommendations: The Event Book can arrange site visits to shortlisted venues, allowing you to assess their suitability firsthand. They can guide you during these visits, providing insights and recommendations based on their expertise and knowledge of the venues.


Logistics and Coordination: Once you’ve selected a venue, The Event Book can handle the logistical aspects of the booking process. They can coordinate with the venue regarding availability, setup requirements, catering, and any other necessary arrangements to ensure a seamless experience for your Christmas party.


Venue Liaison: Throughout the planning and execution of your Christmas party, The Event Book can serve as the point of contact between you and the venue. They can communicate your needs, address any concerns, and facilitate effective communication to ensure a successful event.


Christmas parties in London

The Event Book Blog

In our experience, the most popular venues start to get booked up around the middle of summer.

It is important to book well in advance to secure a good price, additionally, using a event agency to negotiate on your behalf is the best way to lock in your price. We know all of the insider tricks 😉

The main factors that contribute to an amazing guest experience are:

1. Venue: The Venue serves as the base that everything else is to be presented. It all starts with a well thought out venue choice.

2. Food & drink: Nothing brings smiles to peoples faces like delicious food and drinks. a well fed crowd is a happy crowd!

3. Theming & Decoration: Theming is something you don't know you need until you have it. With so many options its important to keep a quality selection of focus points for guests.

4. Entertainment: A party is not complete without a great DJ and live band. when the music is going time is flying!

Our venue finding service is completely free! We collect a commission from the venue you select for the introduction of business. This covers all of our operational costs for this service.

The Event book also specialises in full event management services which provides you with:

1. Your own personal account manager.

2. Full support on the entire planning process of your event.

3. Day to day support on all queries.

4. Management on the day of the event.

Every year, the events industry gears up for the busiest time of the year —Christmas! If you’re considering booking an iconic venue for your festive celebration, thinking ahead is the key to success.

Christmas parties are all about creating unforgettable moments and leaving a lasting impression on your guests. Picture a night filled with laughter, joy, and memories to cherish. That’s precisely what we aim to deliver!

With our renowned ‘little black’ event book, we offer you a treasure trove of knowledge that has been curated over time. Your event enquiry is in the hands of our skilled and experienced experts, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the anticipation.

London boasts some of the most exceptional venues, and we take pride in our in-depth understanding of each one. From elegant ballrooms to trendy rooftops, we’ll find the perfect setting to match your vision.