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Planning a company off-site has never been more exciting and with the help of The Event Book’s expert knowledge, we are here to help you select the perfect location for your next company off-site.

If the past years taught us something, it’s that remote work is perfectly doable. Whether you’re a super agile team or one that prefers asynchronous workflows, you’ve probably realised that an office in the traditional sense might not be necessary. 

But let’s face it, even remote teams will always reach peak performance when they come together. Team spirit goes up, productivity skyrockets, creative juices are flowing, team motivation is on the rise and communication is as fluent as ever. Add a beautiful sunny location to the mix, top it up with work-ready, team-friendly accommodation, and you’re all set for some of the most productive times of the year. Every company is different, and in the post-pandemic era, we’re finding that more companies have adjusted to a hybrid style of working and therefore looking to constantly engage and motivate their remote teams.

 This is why off-sites can be super beneficial to keep your teams morale and motivation at the highest possible level.

Whilst return on investment is always important when planning any events, internal team off-site travel will provide it, and will be measured by the morale and motivation that your teams will demonstrate post-event.

Away Days and incentive trips ; having a change of scenery whilst enjoying time with and getting to know your colleagues better can be a great way to switch up your work for a couple of days. 
Not only does it create a nice environment for everyone to collaborate without someone freezing over Zoom, but it also means that the team can do some much-needed bonding to get to know each others working and personal styles better

– especially if they have started at the business over lockdown and haven’t really met the team in person for social events. Team building events are perfect for away days to create some light competition and create a sense of escapism for your team.

Our locations range from a private island off the coast of Essex, to Winston Churchill’s favourite inn on the Thames, including international locations around the globe.
We’ve also ventured abroad for those looking to go further afield, we have hosted retreats for 50 guests in a stunning secluded boutique hotel in the Isle of Majorca. You may also consider taking your group to a bit more exotic location such as Morocco and having excursions on the sand dunes.
Whatever style of off site or incentive trip you’re planning we are confident we can arrange something spectacular for you. For 6 to 600 people, we’ve got the right place for your team.
And we can help with team transportation both near and far.
Get in touch and we will recommend the right spot for you.

Why is team traveling so important?

Remote working has become the norm for many businesses, but even the best remote teams perform at their peak when they come together.

A regular office environment isn’t the most thrilling of locations to get the creative juices flowing, which is where The Event Book comes in! 

Throw a desirable location into the mix alongside team-friendly accommodation, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success. The benefits are two-fold:

  • Strengthen bonds
  • Boost productivity 
  • Increase efficiency 
  • Raise team spirit 
  • Build relationships
  • Improve communication

Our top 3 locations for your offsite abroad in 2022

Lisbon, Portugal

With colourful streets to explore and some of the best city spots for sightseeing, Lisbon deserves a place on your location list. 

  • Dive into culture: Between authentic eateries, awe-inspiring street art, historic buildings and live music on every corner, it’s easy to up your team’s spirit with the city’s vibrant culture. .
  • Let’s talk about food: Why not sign up to a cooking workshop as part of your team-building activities? Drool-worthy seafood, brewery tours everywhere and as many famous pastel de natas as you can manage, you won’t be stuck for places to eat. 
  • Take your activity pick: Walkable everywhere, Lisbon offers inspiring team activities. From e-bike tours to sunset sailing and sightseeing across the city, this is an ideal place to keep your team entertained and engaged. 
  • Affordable: This city has it all – cheaper stays as well as luxurious accommodation in the city center. As the gateway to Portugal, it’s also easy to reach from afar with an international airport nearby. 

Barcelona, Spain

Relocate your team to Barcelona for a few days and enjoy this hub of art, museums, architecture and more! 

  • International airport: Barcelona offers an international airport making it accessible from anywhere and one of the best all-round destinations for a hassle-free team retreat. 
  • A foodie heaven: Explore the huge number of bars and restaurants spread throughout the city and don’t miss out on the tapas!
  • Relax and unwind: If you’re after a relaxing team break, Barcelona has what you need. You can hang out at Barceloneta Beach or have a mooch around one of the city’s many museums.
  • Get creative: The perfect place to jumpstart that creative spark, Barcelona is also a bustling city brimming with things to do. Rent a bike and see the city on two wheels, buy tickets to a football match or simply enjoy the sights these streets have to offer. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Known for tulip fields, quaint windmills, cycling routes and flat canal landscapes, we couldn’t miss Amsterdam off our location list! 

  • Impressive sights to see: Between stunning architecture and iconic waterways, your eyes will never bored on a trip to Amsterdam.
  • Countless activities: Amsterdam has a universal appeal that brings in over 20 million visitors every year. There’s nothing you can’t do in this city, whether it’s treasure hunts and escape-style rooms or a team bike ride and a canal tour of the city. 
  • Eat your way around the city: If there’s one thing that brings people together it’s good food. Food tours are offered all over Amsterdam and they’re a great way to fill up your belly while immersing yourself in the city’s rich environment side by side with your team.
  • Up the budget: It’s worth noting that Amsterdam is not the cheapest destination but there are plenty of different options when it comes to accommodation.

Make all of this possible through The Event Book’s full event management and free international venue-finding service for your next team’s or clients incentive trip.

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