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Sustainability within the events industry is becoming a must, from recycling to reducing energy consumption. Choosing the best venue for sustainability can be hard, so we have listed our top sustainable venues in London so you can see how they are working towards a sustainable future! 
Take a look at our selection and should you like the look of any of the venues drop us a line and we will happily check availability, get the best rates in town and arrange all the site visits for you. 

The Londoner

The Londoner is the first ever super boutique hotel in the world and we are lucky enough to have it located in the centre of London, in Leicester Square. The hotel’s focus when designing the building was making sure that the structure is sustainable, and that they implemented sustainable technology to run the hotel. The hotel has reported that they create 30% less carbon usage than regulations demand through these different structures. For example, the hotel only uses CHP and LED lighting, which is a lot more energy efficient than other lighting. 

The hotel meets and exceeds requirements for energy and water use, health and wellbeing, pollution, transport, materials, waste, ecology and management processes. The hotel is able to create an energy usage report for each event, giving insight into how sustainable each event is, and how they can improve. Creating the perfect sanctuary in the heart of London, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This technology means that they can continue to work sustainably into the future.

Throughout the hotel are different bins so guests can recycle different products, such as paper and plastics. By encouraging the guests to recycle, they become more efficient as a hotel when recycling and empowers guests. 

The View at the Royal College of Surgeons

The View at the Royal College of Surgeons have pledged to embed financial, environmental and social sustainability with ethical purchasing into all that they do. We love that they are focusing on all three pillars of sustainability in their approach!

During the refurbishment over the past four years, the venue installed over one hundred solar panels onto the roof of the building. This means that they can run their building using most of their own renewable energy. To support this and ensure they are reducing their energy consumption, they have installed energy efficient technology throughout the venue such as sensor controlled lights. 

Additionally, the venue recycles 98.5% of waste. This means that they recycle and separate almost all of their waste so it can be reused and recycled properly, significantly reducing the amount of waste that they send to landfill sites.

The Barbican

The Barbican have made sure that they are operating in line with the City of London’s Corporate Climate Action Strategy by aiming to reduce their carbon emissions to net zero by 2027, and this will also include their supply chain by 2040. Although this plan is very ambitious, it’s not impossible as we all are becoming more mindful when it comes to sustainability. 

The venue has committed to a zero waste policy, meaning that all waste will either be reused, recycled or composted. By committing to this it means that they have to research and double check before they buy from suppliers to ensure that they are buying sustainable products for the venue. For example, they’ve already introduced Vegware packaging for food items like sandwiches in their cafe area. 

The venue is also aiming to use 100% renewable energy. This will massively reduce their carbon footprint and allow them to take leaps towards the Corporate Sustainability goal! 

No wonder why The Barbican has won so many sustainability awards!

One Hundred Shoreditch

This brand new venue in the heart of Shoreditch has embraced a sustainable approach by keeping features of the old building and enhancing  them during the refurbishment to elevate the design and create a new guest experience, creating a smaller carbon footprint and less waste whilst renovating the hotel. 

The hotel will have onsite restaurants, one set on the rooftop with stunning views of London. Their seafood restaurant Goddard and Gibbs will specialise in locally sourced fish. Not only does this mean they are decreasing their carbon footprint as they source locally, they are also supporting the local community whilst serving some of the freshest fish in the City.

Whilst offering guests lots of natural daylight and panoramic views of the city from their rooftop, private dining spaces as well as meeting rooms, it also means that less artificial light is used and energy is consumed. By doing this the hotel reduced its energy consumption and reduced its carbon footprint.

BMA House

BMA House state that sustainability is a way of life, and have incorporated sustainable methods into their venue as well as practices. Over the last four years the venue has reduced their delegate carbon footprint by 69%, at the same time reducing water usage by 5.4million litres a year.  

The venue was awarded the Gold Accreditation with Green Tourism as well as numerous other sustainability awards over the past four years. They achieved this through LED energy efficient lighting, locally sourced ingredients, recycled materials as well as encouraging delegates to travel by bike and walking. The venue have teamed up with Cross River Partnership to promote a ‘Clean Air Walking Route’ from Kings Cross to provide delegates with a ‘cleaner’ journey to BMA House. The route takes guests off the busy Euston Road onto backstreets where air pollution is 57% lower.

Cavendish Venues

Sustainability has been a core value of Cavendish Venues since they opened twenty years ago, since then they have won five awards for sustainability. They have different initiatives to ensure that they are proceeding in the most sustainable way for their events. 

Their zero waste policy means that they recycle all of their rubbish and ensure that all of their rubbish can be recycled. The venue has even made sure that their laminated exhibitor materials has its own waste streams. The venue also review their inputs such as energy and water each year with aims to find ways of reducing them further. 

The venue also aim to offset the carbon that they create through their operations, this is carefully monitored by a carbon calculator, which they include guests travel to the venue as well as producing exhibitor material. Carbon offsetting means that the venue can be more carbon neutral. A way of making sure that their carbon emissions are lower is by sourcing local suppliers, for example, they ensure that all meat is sourced from a single farm less than 50km from their London venues.

Events @ No. 6

This venue was purposely built with sustainability at the forefront of the design, build and operations in order to reduce their carbon footprint with their events and activities. 

Corporate social responsibility has had a huge influence with the venue, as they ensure that their accredited suppliers have the same sustainability values. They have created a checklist for event planners and clients to use, so that they can also see how they’re reducing their environmental impact by choosing certain suppliers and using their venue. 

The venue creates energy from solar panels on their roof to minimise the amount of energy consumption, they also have an automated lights system as well as an integrated chill bean system in order to reduce energy consumption. 

Sourcing local produce is key for this venue, not only for environmental reasons, but to also support local businesses. Sourcing locally helps define their menus, meaning their food is also very fresh. Additionally, when creating their menus, they ensure that their food has minimal waste during the cooking process so they use as much as possible to save on food and reduce waste.

The Brewery

The Brewery is very sustainability focused, with not only environmental sustainability at the forefront of their values, but also social as well as economic. The venue have lots of different practises to ensure that they are fulfilling their corporate social responsibility by meeting and bypassing these standards. 

The venue has lots of energy saving technologies to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint, such as using renewable energy sources and using energy efficient lighting. They have installed water conservation technologies such as automatic taps and water metres, so they can track their usage and minimise their water waste. The venue has reduced their waste through recycling, donating as well as eradicating the use of single-use items. 

The venue works very closely with different charities each year through fundraising and volunteering to support important projects. They also make sure that staff wellness as well as delegate fairness is enforced in their practices.

11 Cavendish Square

11 Cavendish Square has lots of sustainability goals, each one small and achievable so they are able to build up and become sustainable. For example, they encourage using public transport instead of using private taxis and cars to lower emission levels travelling to the venue. The venue reduces their waste by avoiding single-use items, if they cannot avoid this they ensure that they are biodegradable. 

The venue are switching to energy rated equipment, as well as using sustainable energy to reduce their energy consumption and their carbon footprint. They are also aiming to source furniture and other equipment needed through sustainable sources, such as second-hand or recycled sources.

ETC Venues

ETC venues work have lots of different initiatives to ensure that they are working at a sustainable level. From recycling and waste initiatives to travel and energy initiatives, the venue encourages sustainability from their suppliers to their delegates. 

The venue sources food locally to support local businesses as well as reduce the carbon footprint of their food. Their menus are designed to reduce the amount of food wasted during the preparation of delegates meals. Each venue has energy efficient technologies to reduce energy consumptions as well as recycling and waste management techniques to reduce the amount of waste created by the venue going to landfill. 

The venue also supports local charities, such as Young Minds. They do this through fundraising to support them as well as volunteering for them, supporting their social sustainability policies. 

Do any of these venues tickle your fancy? 

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