Top Ten Incentive Trip Destinations for 2024

By The Event Book on January 5th, 2024

The way in which we work has changed meaning that not everyone is always in the office, and it can be a challenge to motivate your team when you do not see them all the time, and even harder to promote a team environment. Incentive trips are a tried and tested method to reward and motivate your teams both before and after the event as your teams will be talking about who is going to be the lucky ones to win a place on the trip. 

  • Reward and Recognition 
  • Employee motivation 
  • Builds Loyalty 
  • Increases communication and productivity
  • Improves creativity and ideation 
  • Great for team morale and bonding
  • An opportunity to get to know your team better 
  • Staff feel more relaxed and at ease 
  • Creates buzz 
  • What is incentive travel and how can it work for your business? 

Incentive travel is getting your team out of the office and rewarding them with a few days away somewhere special that they would not normally go alone. It can also be used for group conferences and AGMs, and board meetings. The event book can arrange everything for you from flights to securing the perfect hotels, complete with fun and informal activities when you get to your destination. We provide you with a fee that covers everything so you and your guests only need to bring your bags and passport! You will only need spending money for those shopping excursions ( if you choose to include one of course). 

What are the benefits of group travel & an incentive program, 

Builds stronger relationships for you and your team and makes your employees feel valued. Reward and recognise your staff. 

It motivates them and the rest of the team, who doesn’t love going on holiday? 

Who is it for? 

Any corporate  company that what’s to motivate their team or treat their clients 

What’s the ideal number of delegates you can cater for? 

We can work with smaller groups from 10 guests, up to 250 guests 

How much does it cost?

That’s entirely up to you as the organiser. Let us know what budget you are working towards and we will work our magic with our suppliers. On average a 3-day trip to a 5-star resort with excursions, meals, and transport starts from around £900 + vat per person 

How do I go about organising this?  

We offer a full consultation service. The Event Book team finds out what’s important to you, what your goals are, and who will be attending the trip. We suggest 3-5 destinations giving you an idea of what kind of activities are available at each location 


Why We Love It

This unique island off the coast of Italy boasts 7,000 years of history ready to be explored. From its architecture to the island scenery, its honey-coloured stone creates an amazing backdrop for any incentive trip.

From luxurious resorts like the Intercontinental Malta to the Westin Dragonara Resort, Malta, there are quite a few locations to review for your guests.

Getting There

Part of the European Union, Malta, is a unique destination that is within easy travel reach for guests travelling from eastern US and Europe. Most airlines servicing major European cities have connecting flights to Malta International Airport.

When to Go

The best time of year to enjoy Malta is April through June when the weather is mostly sunny, and the temperatures are beginning to get warm and guests start heading to the beach. This is also the best time to beat the crowds during tourist season, which lasts from June through September#


Destination – Spain

Language – Spanish (People speak a good level of English) 

Flight time from London is 2 hours 

Hotels: Avenida De America- Marriot Auditorium and Conference Center

Madrid is the lively capital of Spain, where your buck can go further and the food and drink flow in larger quantities than in London. Its airport is conveniently located 30 minutes from the center of the city by car. Full of culture and great hospitality, it is a well-worth option to reward clients or your team. Furthermore, for a large conference. The best times to visit are March to June and September to December as the summer heat is hard, even on the locals. 

Take a tour of the Prado and Reina Sofia museums, enjoy tapas and vermouth while discovering the city, or delight yourself with some of the best restaurants in the world such as Diverxo, 4th on the list of the 50 best worldwide for 2023. 



Destination Scotland  

Language – English 

Flight time from London is 45 minutes 

Train from London 5 hours 

Resorts: Glen Eagles Resort or Turnbury Manor 

If you are looking for a shorter retreat that’s not far away from home, then why not consider Glen eagles in Scotland? It has everything under one roof. Your guests can enjoy a round of golf, or if that’s not your thing maybe visit the spa for a massage or facial. There are plenty of activities available on-site from horse riding lessons, gun dog training, or flying the on-site eagle. You can even go quad biking. 


Language – Portuguese 

Flight time from London 2.5 hours

Resorts Lisbon 

EXCELLENT Hotels, Restaurants, and transport at the highest service levels and at very competitive rates. LISBON is a SURPRISE & EXCELLENT VALUE Destination! EASY international air access; Lisbon International Airport is located within an average of 20 minutes to most hotels in Town. EASY
to communicate – ENGLISH is Portugal’s 2nd language and locals love to welcome guests. GREAT people, climate, Wines & Gastronomy, Nightlife, Shopping.  DIVERSITY is within a few minutes away. A century-old charming city where history and modernity, traditions and creative urban lifestyles
are perfectly blended, making it one of the most inspiring & coolest cities to live, visit, work or simply ENJOY LIFE. Lisbon is located a few 

minutes away from the Ocean, mountains and unique resorts, charming historical villages., wine areas, and excellent golf courses. 

THE WEATHER Due to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon has a pleasant climate throughout the year. Although the temperatures may fall somewhat in the autumn and winter months, sunshine is almost always a constant feature. 


Language – English and Afrikaans  

Flight time from London – 11 hours direct

Resorts: Cape View Clifton – Ellerman House – Aquila Safari

The furthest from the list but a well-worth city to do events. Equipped with an amazing conference center and beautiful beaches, Cape Town has a charm that not many places hold. Take your guests on a Safari Day, enjoy golf, swim with sharks, or enjoy the beauty of the city and its hikes on Table Mountain, and friendly penguins on shore. Fresh Atlantic fish and Wine from the vineyards surrounding the area are a delight! There is a reason why Amazon has done many of its web series events here! 

Cape Town is a fantastic place to do an international conference and get some winter sun.



Language Spanish 

Flight time from London 2 hours, 30 minutes 

Resorts: 7 Pines – La Escollera – Amante Ibiza 

A beautiful island with much to offer just about everyone, from lazing on the beach or sipping cocktails watching the sun go down at cafe mambos, to visiting Ibiza’s old town and exploring the cool nights markets. Ibiza is not all about nightclubs (even though they are some of the most praised in the globe) with many beautiful and quiet gems around the Island. It is a perfect place to take the team on a  couple of days of brainstorming while enjoying the pool in the evening. 


Language – Spanish with English widely spoken 

Flight time from London – Approx 4 hours

Favourite resorts: Santa Catalina Hotel,   

The island, with its diversity of landscapes, offers a variety of trips that you can organize, combining fun activities with beautiful views, whilst remaining cost-effective. Gran Canaria has amazing weather all year round with an average temperature of 23 degrees, so perfect in those winter months too! As the last trip of 2022 for The Event Book we got to discover two stunning islands in December 2022 and had the pleasure of staying at two 5 star properties.  The Santa Catalina hotel is in the North of the island with easy reach of the old town and one hotel in the South. There are lots of things to do here too we visited a stunning banana plantation, which was so much fun, I tried banana wine & beer and learned about how bananas are harvested, which was really interesting. You can then have lunch in the middle of the plantation, with lots of banana-based produce, which really Makes for a great experience. Your guests are then given their very own Banana plant to grow at home. We then had the opportunity to visit a horse sanctuary, and hosted a mindfulness session with a horse whisper! 

Get ahead of the game and start planning your group incentive for 2023 

Drop us a message and we’ll do the rest


Destination Greece – Mykonos 

Language – Greek 

Flight time from London 3 hours

Resorts Utopia Boutique Hotel 

Utopia boutique hotel is a stunning hotel and makes getting around the resort super easy as it’s within easy reach of the town center. From sandy beaches to vibrant nightlife and stunning restaurants. Trips to Santorini from here are highly recommended. Mykonos works perfectly for an incentive trip. 


Language – Italian

Flight time from London 2 and a Half hours 

Resorts: Sheraton Diana Majestic 

The City of Milan is a fashionista’s dream. In the heart of the vibrant city, the Sheraton Diana Majestic, Milan is a source of familiar comfort. Step out our doors and immerse yourself into the celebrated shopping district, a hub of culture, art, and design. If you dream of waking up in a lush scented garden, select one of the many guest rooms which boast a charming private terrace or balcony overlooking the garden. The most celebrated of the Milanese aperitif takes place at the renowned hclub > diana Bar, a favorite spot in town. Spend your evening experiencing the delicious Mediterranean cuisine at Il Milanese Curioso Restaurant. Four different function rooms for meeting and event planners will inspire conversation and help spark new ideas.


Language – Spanish

Flight time from London 2 hours 

Resorts Palma & Palma Nova 

Just a 2 hour flight from London Making Majorca a good choice for those looking to get to the destination and sunshine in no time at all. There are lots to do in Majorca and many resorts to choose from. Palma is a good location as it’s a metropolitan city and visiting the cathedral is a must for guests visiting the city. Palma De Majorca also has a stunning marina and lots of trendy restaurants. Also a short distance from the center you can visit a vineyard and host a wine tasting for your guests followed by lunch. 

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