By The Event Book on March 22nd, 2022

The past two years have been tough and overwhelming, which is why staff wellbeing is now at the forefront for all businesses. Flexi-working is not only still being followed but is to become a normality for a lot of workers, and as we’re entering busier periods of the year, wellness is becoming more important and needed within business structures.

Looking for ideas for wellness events can create a black hole of options, which is why we have shortlisted our favourite mindfulness and wellbeing events that can really benefit you and your team. With a mix of fun, relaxation and social aspects, these ideas have a range for all different types of wellness and ways to relax, unwind and prevent burn-out

Away Days; having a change of scenery whilst enjoying time with and getting to know your colleagues better can be a great way to switch up your work for a couple of days. Not only does it create a nice environment for everyone to collaborate without someone freezing over Zoom, but it also means that the team can do some much needed bonding to get to know each others working and personal styles better – especially if they have started at the business over lockdown and haven’t really met the team in person for social events. Team building events are perfect for away days to create some light competition and create a sense of escapism for your team.

A Yoga Class; although a classic and slightly in-your-face wellness event idea, but it does prove to alleviate stress and help your team to be productive without burning out. Yoga classes can either be planned for in the office, at the yoga studio down the road, or you can make a little trip out of it by taking your team somewhere scenic!

Private dining; taking your team out for a nice lunch every now and then is a nice treat for them and a special way to thank them for all of their hard work, it creates recognition as well as motivating them to keep on working hard! Private dining is a great option for you to have your own space not only for dinner but drinks before and after also! Taking your team out regularly also benefits them as they create a stronger relationship with their colleagues, creating a safe space for them if they ever need to talk.

Arts and crafts; Getting your team’ creative juices flowing is a great way for them to destress, unwind and enjoy some time with their colleagues. From a pottery making class to painting like Bob Ross, what better way to relax and take your mind off of a busy day at work!

Virtual events; Wellness events don’t always have to be in-person. For those who have a busy home life or have moved a little further away from town, virtual wellness events are perfect! Our sister company has a fully curated list of different virtual wellness events as well as team building events, from a virtual sip and sculpt and a healthy cooking class to virtual horse racing and virtual happy hour! These different types of virtual events are a perfect way to unwind, relax and enjoy some well deserved time out.

Cooking for fun; we’ve recently attended some fab cooking classes and learnt how to cook in new and exciting ways! Personally, I find cooking quite therapeutic and relaxing, which is why it’s on this list. Either book into a group cooking class or book a space with your own chef to talk you through the steps to creating a perfect puff pie, or fantastically fresh pasta!

Comedy night; as we all know, laughter is the best medicine. Which is why a comedy night is a great wellness event idea to destress and maybe even find yourself a new favourite comedian, as lots of London comedy club host upcoming, talented comedians. Take yourself and your team to the land of laughter for a night of memorable entertainment. 

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